Tuesday, 30 March 2010

All too aware

Yes. I'm all too aware that my blog, recently, has just been pictures of other peoples lives, but this is a bit priceless:

Monday, 29 March 2010

I went to my friends house

and saw some funny things on his internet. So while i'm on his laptop, i'll blog them:

Tom cruise, before he got his teeth done, Harry Potter before they cast Dan Radcliffe, and Britney after she went crazy.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last term, a countdown saved my life.

We all know i never used to be the greatest fan of university. I spent term 1, in my Halls, in bed. But at some point, in November, i noticed the BT Tower was displaying an ominous countdown atop it's rotating restuarant:

I remember first noticing it when it read "998 days" and then the next day it read "997" so i knew it was counting down. But to what?
A bit of quick math led me to the conclusion that it was counting down to somewhere in 2012. THE END OF THE WORLD?!
Some further math led me to realise it was december 2012 that it was counting down to, but sometime in Summer. It was obvious then - the countdown was to my graduation ceremony. BT himself had decided to help me through university by making me realise that there wasn't really that long to go. And he has helped. Every now and again i glance up, and the countdown is drastically lower. I've broken up for the summer now, and last i saw, the countdown was on "890 days". That's 11% of my degree out of the way. Thanks BT. x

Friday, 19 March 2010

My Desktop; Part 2.

Again, my desktop has been completely filled with screenshots of inane things. Here, take them from me!

If she were a man...

The sort of shop we all love...

A gay's not a gay without some gaga in his glog.

Fun times behind the scenes:

Maybe you can't see it if the image is small, but there are two big demonic faces superimposed on beyonce's sleeve. Scary.

Maybe you can't see this either, but there is a big fat weave superimposed on her head here:


The only Funny sexist joke i've come across

The Sunset years...


I paid a stranger £1.50 on an online website, while i was high, and he will apparently tattoo my name onto his body, and pay for me to fly to scotland to watch the process. He promised me it would look like this:

But i haven't heard from him since.

Mushroom Soup

Apparently it's a Cat...

2 Years ago in Barcelona. A rare find.

Everybody deserves friends.

Abi and I, Werking it.

Monday, 15 March 2010


Just spent 5 hours trying to upload a 5 minute video. Hasn't worked. Videoless.

Been putting this off

And i did warn that i was going to blog it. I think i'm just scared because the pictures are really shit. Which is only because they are video stills. And i wasn't avidly taking good videos like my friends here:

I was just dancing like a free bitch and holding my video ipod in my hand, waving it in every which direction, even managing to catch a glimpse of my own face, at one point, which i think we all wish i didn't:

It's a bit blurred, so it makes my eyes look like they are of varying sizes, which is always fun.

Before the Monster ball started, we were treated to the Lady pulling various poses and faces to a really nice song, which was like a big party:

So that projection screen came up and the show started. But Before Gaga could go to the Monster ball, she had to leave her house. Alas, there was another huge screen in front of her house so she decided to pull some new poses, leaving only a silhouette, which we all went mad for obviously:

So then She sings 'Dance in the Dark', gets in the car with her friends, but it's broken so they rub that 'Glitter and Grease' and 'Just Dance'. Which, unsuprisingly, doesn't fix the car. Then there's my favourite bit where a man asks Gaga "What is the monster ball, REALLY?" to which she replies "The Monster Ball will set you free. Like. Super free. All the freaks are outside and we've locked the fucking doors."
Here's a picture of that very conversation:

So everyone cheers, and i stop taking videos, a few songs later, suddenly 'Lovegame' is on which is my favourite song, and so i remember that. Then i remember her mentioning Beyonce breaking her out of prison, and singing telephone:

I didn't take a video of that, that's just a screen shot from the music video.

Then i vaguely remember seeing a flame on stage and holding Olivia's hand to sing speechless. This was Olivia's exact reaction to me holding her hand:

Don't worry, Olivia. I love you too.
I have a neat video of Speechless. I'm scared it will make this blog entry too long though, so i will add it right after this one. SCREW CONTINUITY.

Then Gaga sang in the Living Dress, then i don't remember Monster, Teeth, Alejandro, or Pokerface. Which made the whole endevour less fruitful than desired. I then remember discussing with Olivia the matter of a huge demonic anamatronic fish being on stage. I don't remember Paparazzi, but i remember it being performed while i texted someone saying "How many songs after Paparazzi?" I sent that text, and stared at the screen, waiting for the 'Message sent' notice on my phone. I got that notice, then the crowd cheered. Because the Ball was over.
But the of course, the Encore of Bad Romance. Paws up.

Zie has received some very good news.

This is cool.
A third gender!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010


This is going to be a very bloggy type blog entry. February was a really good month for me; very busy and full of fun activities, culminating in the arrival of Spring!

After looking at my iCal, february wasn't actually as exiting as i made it out to be.
But basically, LOST is very good. Sayid, Claire and Locke are pure evil (either you watch LOST and you already knew that, or you don't watch it and therefore don't care), but i love the way that there is a twist, in the form of all the characters dieing or becoming evil, or both.

Manchester is where i went for a very long weekend. THe third time i've been, and third time lucky. I liked the city for the first time! I don't know why i disliked it before, but i found it really enjoyable this time, and will return. But not in winter. Had a Vanuatu reunion. 10 of 15 together again, which i can safely and sadly say is the most it will ever be. Sad times.

Cinema. Saw Valentines day, which was a nice way to spend the 14th, rather than kill myself alone in my bedroom. Precious - very touching, and funny. AVATAR.
AVATAR. I'm still adamant that this wasn't just a film, it was more of an experience. The story may be just a slight rip off of Pocahontas, but who doesn't love Pocahontas? I found the visuals to be so out of this world that for most of the film, my brain was hurting. So out of this world that i never, not even for a second, doubted that the story wasn't true. I wasn't sat there thinking 'wow, good visual effects!', i was sat there thinking 'HOW CAN THOSE FUCKERS BE DESTROYING THE TREE OF LIFE! WE HAVE TO KILL ALL THE HUMANS!'
So yeah, that film changed my life. I will now join the green party, and move to the South Pacific, to live in a big tree. People actually do that shit.

And this brings us to the last weekend of February.
I still think this weekend deserves its own blog entry, so i will just give my really interested readers a glimpse, till i have the time and effort available to blog the whole thing.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


I forgot something. I left you in suspense earlier, with my 'blond' entry. It never was meant to be blond, Obviously.
It was always my plan to go LILAC. Or as some would say 'Lavender Blond'. So here is me today; it is slightly washed out and re-dyed and hence less perfect (it looks blue, and even grey in some lights. So i tend to stay in certain rooms for a lot longer.) but still i think the most intentional colour.

'Why that colour?' I hear you ask.
It's funny, because now that i have lilac hair, every road I walk down and every room i sit in, just looks like a pool of muddy mustard (that's peoples hair that makes it like that.) and when your swimming through a pool of poo mustard, why would you want to be another turd? why not be a flower, or ... something less brown and boring. So yeah, trying not to sound pretentious. Next time i get asked "But why purple?" i may just ask "Well why is your hair that disgusting shade of SHIT?"

Peace. x


I have WAY too many things to blog. If i had the internet, i would do it all as it comes to me. But i don't so i can't. Let's just say Lady Gaga at the 02 Arena was awe inspiring. She is so loving!
Buy tickets from a man named Stuart Bingham. And never buy tickets from a man named Shaun, who wants to meet you outside Chancery Lane station. Or anyone that wants to meet you outside any station. Or if you do buy tickets off someone else and it was 'Sarah Morgan' that got them from ticket master. Actually, do buy them, but set those bitches up and get them arrested. They can get a whole year in prison for selling you fake tickets and it's not nice.
The good thing about being conned is that the Monster Ball is even better when you get there in the end.

But where is this:

Stop delaying, stop delaying, we don't wanna wait anymore!

That was my little frustration induced remix. Not very good. Better than the Music Video though. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST. But i'm sure when it is released it will be way better than my remix.

I feel in the mood to tell you about everything now, but i won't. I'll put it all in an EVEN BIGGER blog entry in a few weeks. x