Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Private Investigator

On day 51 i realised i'd lost my phone!

So (gay)Charles and I retraced our steps from the day before and somehow managed to find it!

So let's play a game of Spot the mobile!

A day with the boys

Day 50 was one of my best days away. Spent the whole day with Edwin, Papa and Charles. We took hundreds of photos but they weren't very interesting.

This is them jumping across a creek;

And Edwin falling in;

Some cows leaping Gayly;

And a photo i took while riding a bike;

Hey Cow


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

In My Honour

Day 48 - In honour of my presence (so i was told), we prepared a slight feast!

First we made a cake;

A 3 flavour cake!

Then we grated some Laplap

And then.....

look away if you like to kid yourself about where your food comes from...

we made some chiken!



When everything was ready, apparently, we celebrated, or a Barmitzfah!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

About time!

When your purple hair is pink, and your roots are over an inch long, a haircut is needed. Even if it is done by Alma.

(*Day 47)
(**I think the whole point of the 100 day thing was to prove that a man can do 100 noteworthy things in as many consecutive days. While proving this correct, i have all but failed reporting these things in real time. It's now actually day 92... so i think that while the numbers will still feature, they won't feature prominently, because noone cares.)

Saturday, 14 August 2010


So this is what we ate on day 45, but we will call it day 46, just because not every day was that exiting.
"Naura" A.k.a Prawns!
Along with crabs and eels! So tasty. And what's more is (although i didn't get a photo) most of the prawns had Roe on the bottom. So tasty.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Who knew that it was possible to be a tourist in the middle of nowhere?! Despite this presumption, tourism is what i spent my 45th day* doing.

I was woken at 7am, and rushed into the back of a truck. I've spent enough time on Pentecost to know that when you are rushed away, always grab 3 things - Camera, Swim shorts and toilet roll! So i did this.

The truck was going, no word of a lie, 45 MPH. A lot when your sitting on the edge of the back of a truck, trying to look casual, on a dirt road. Death came close.

Anyway, we went and bought some fish and ate it up - a treat. Then went to 'Hotwata beach', which translates to 'Hot water beach'. We felt the steam, and boiled an egg;

This was the end of the days tourism. However the very fast truck had left so we began the long walk home. The way home, frankly, beat the hot water beach. It was stunning. First we found a small Lilly Pond;

Then we found some rivers. And we decided to 'pose' for them. Something this family knows how to do, suprisingly well.

then we had lunch with an eccentric old man named Luke. He kept talking about when he went to New Zealand in 1976 and how funny is was that we had the same name.

then we went for a swim in this river;

then we went past "Christopher Columbus' Rock;

Which on closer inspection says "N.H C.C 1488." Lovely.

Then i spotted Ambrym Island in the distance. It was such a clear day, i could see the trees!

Then we went home with some food we found. The dinner that we had this day was also very special. So special, infact that it will get a whole day for itself. That will be day 46.

*45th day of what exactly? I've lost track of what exactly these 100 days are of...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

First day in South Pentecost

I was so glad to leave North. The boredom was getting to me.
So went to visit a new family, in a FLAT environment. Flat here generally equals nicer food and an easier pace of life. These facts exited me. Here is a visual summary of day 44, which i spent with Edwin (the small one) and Elton (the big one) plus another kid called Charles who was a bit creepy, so i think he is gay. He's the one in the red.


Are complimentary upon arrival in south pentecost - day 43.