Friday, 29 October 2010

And speaking of running...

Ok, i just got an e-mail. And expected there to be a grand banner with a huge congratulations sign below. But there wasn't. The news is still just as epic to me, though. Check it out below; and click it to enlarge!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

10K - 44 Minutes

Last week, I completed a 10 Kilometer / 6.2 Mile race for Cancer Research UK.

Here's a nice picture of me running it:

And here's one of me stopping a little bit to change the song on my iPod, probably a the beginning of the race:

I only trained for a month, and my best time was 49.30, so was aiming to push myself for 48 minutes. So you will understand my shock when i got to the last kilometer at 41 minutes! So i did the best i could and went all out for the last kilometer, which made me feel quite sick, which was a strange sensation.
Here's me at the end, looking healthy:

So yeah. It was a good experience, but ended quite quickly. I think i might be a bit addicted to running now.

When it came to sponsoring me, every little helped, as some people understood:

And some people conveniently dissapeared at the mention of charity. Good one, guys.

Regardless of that, You guys managed to conjour up my sponsorship target of £200. Thanks to everyone below for sponsoring me!

I might do another race, soon.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

What makes a brown noser?

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a rant, but let's not confuse it for a happy topic.
There's two gilrs in my class this year, and i can't help but notice how much they wind me everyone up.

They both annoy me separately, but I know it's for the same reasons. They have these things in common;

1. They put their hands up for and/or answer almost every question.
2. They do so in a pretentious, know-it-all way.
3. When they aren't licking the bum of the teacher, they're trying to impress everyone else. I saw them both in the common room recently. One exclaimed to the group "Do you like my shirt? I made it myself." to which the other said "I could make a shirt like that."
We don't care.
4. They have horrible voices.
5.They both wear these glasses:

But niether of them are Madonna.

That's the issue I have, I think.
If someone is wearing geeky glasses, knowing they're not a geek, then it's a juxtaposition. Which is the point. That makes it 'geek chic' rather than 'geek'.

And if a geek wears the glasses, then they're simply a geek.

But when an annoying bitch wears them, She's not geek, and she's not geek chic. She's just an annoying bitch with one more reason for us not to like her stuck to her face.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Reminiscing on my friendship with Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

When you're a teenager; pasta sauce ends friendships.

Video of the week.

35 Minutes well spent.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ladies of the Underground III

Back by Olivia's Popular demand!

I couldn't just take a picture of this woman. Not only was she wearing a plaid shirt with angels ironed on to each breast, not only were her feet bursting out of her shoes, not only was her basket elegantly placed between her legs, but she was nodding her head like a nodding dog. Perhaps to the movements of the train, or perhaps to a song.

Monday, 18 October 2010

We tried our luck.

It was october, and we pretty much knew there wouldn't be any more sun for 6 months, but we tried our luck, and went all out for a sunny picnic. It worked, and the sun stayed around for just one more day. For us.

Until we meet again in Malta, Sunshine!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mega Cat

This would make such an epic movie.

Fingers crossed

I've coasted my way through my academic life and come out with good grades. Today I started a new mission - to work hard and get EXCELLENT GRADES. This decision was based on the amount of debt I'm getting myself into, and that I'm in spending three of my prime life years at University, so may as well see what I'm capable of if i try.

Most people say, after an exam "Oh my god, I'm going to work so hard next term." But never do. I've never said that because I knew i wouldn't mean it. This time I do mean it. You want proof? Here's your proof. I bought a fucking folder.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Oh look

My desktop's become crouded with a lot of useless things again. I have to do something with them all, before i get rid of them. So i'll show you.




I won't tell you what this is. See if you can guess.


"Happy 1 year to me!" said my blog.

I remember starting this blog last year, the night before i started University. Doing the same thing one year on was always quite ineviteable.

Here is my first two entries ever.

Looking at them, i can see that although i'm still sat in my parents house, and still at the same university, a lot has changed. I managed to stand 3 months living in halls with those kids, before i headed for the hills (My grandparents house). I still speak to a grand total of one of the residents of that building. Her name is Helena and she kept me sane when Crazylaura threw all my dishes away and tried to kill me with her £40 Kitchen knife.

Abi and I's love for each other has blossomed massively. She's still with that boyfriend (he's hot) and we are still, in my oppinion, what get eachother through university. Although this time round we are both willing to try hard at uni, rather than drag eachother through it. So we've both opted to take an Elective module in Metaphysics. Good one.
She still doesn't read my blog though.

I got over my Farmville addiction. It took me 5 months but i did it. I still catch my dad playing it from time to time.

I went to Amsterdam in November, like i planned. A similar trip is in order this year. Maybe to Prague. Or Sicily.

This entry is more nostalgic than anything. I'll do the same thing a year on from today. The night before starting my third year, (if i get that far). Maybe i'll be living in the Netherlands. By then, i hope to have a job (!!!) a place of my own, and my first tattoo. Let's see if i can commit to those three things shall we.

And of course i'll carry on blogging for the next year.