Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Marathon Training, week 3

Session 4

So based on my experiences with M.I.A last week, i thought i would try, at a friends recommendation, some 'dark Psy-trance' music.

So i made my way onto Youtube and with some difficulty managed to nab 3 songs. Or so i thought.

A lot of loading and waiting later, and there were 950 dark psy tracks sitting in my iTunes. Let's not ask how that happened. Let me just tell you that it's called trance for a reason.

Got onto the treadmill after a tough day at uni and started running, had a peek at the clock. Bam. 17 minutes had passed. I had a little giggle to myself and then whooosh. 41 minutes had passed. Satisfied at the quickest 50 minutes of my life, i got off the treadmill.

Session 5

Didn't want to overkill the running, so had a 1-on-1 'core work out' class in the gym, followed by 20 minutes on the bike machine.

Session 6

The unfamiliar exercise's of session 5 made me ache for a good few days, but i plowed through, and with the help of my trance music, at 10am on a snowey morning, managed to spend 70 minutes running, without looking at the clock, or slowing down. I ran 8 miles.

Good news everyone. Trance music is the key to running far.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A lesson in Red Wine Stains.

Here's a little FYI for anyone out there who pours a whole glass of red wine all over their white clothes.

Start by covering the clothing in Salt.... then put the salty clothing in a bowl of white wine. Leave it to soak. Then add Vanish! to the concoction.

Trust. It works.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Malta, Hours 1 through 12

We arrive in Malta at 11am... we drove to the Hostel, and found the whole building to be abandoned. So we set up shop in a lovely large room and got changed, before heading down to the beach for lunch;

Upon our return, I began to feel delerious and ill.

And as if things couldn't get any worse, all of my clothes fell off.

We changed for the afternoon, taking into acount my newfound allergies;

We set off on a romantic sunset walk around the town of St. Juliens. There wasn't much here, to be honest. As it began to get dark, we thought it best to head home, having discovered only two local beauties; the harbour, and the alcohol shop.

When we returned, I ushered Olivia into the back room. I said to her "It's your birthday. So go in there and put something pretty on, while i prepare your birthday dinner."

So Olivia put something pretty on;

while i prepared a wonderful, open air dinner of White wine, with salt and pepper. Basebavitch joined us for this most special of occasions.

Lots of fun ensued, across all three courses;

The thing with meals is... when the meal is just wine, lots of fun really does ensue...

Followed by lots of passing out...

Friday, 26 November 2010

Marathon Training, Day 3

Today I got up at 8am and went through the frost to the Gym. Decided to dedicate half an hour to the treadmill. I found the only other person in the gym quite amusing. A squat asian man, he would give me evils in the mirror, then get on the treadmill next to me, sprint all out for 30 seconds then jump off, then try again, and again. Trying to intimidate me?

It didn't work, and half an hour later, i left him to his own devices.

Todays mood: Morning fitness is good.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Marathon Training, Day 2

Admittedly, I had 4 days rest from last week, but i figure i shouldn't jump straight into these things.

Today i simply ran on the treadmill for 50 minutes. I listened to M.I.A's new album, aptly titled "/\/\/\Y/\"
Well i do have to say, upon it's first listen i thought it was a load of noisy hogwash. But i found the repetative beats of pneumatic drills and glugging water to be quite hypnotic when running, and played one song, :"Teqkila" on repeat and before i knew it, half an hour was gone. So i think next week i will listen to something rather more abstract. Maybe some 'Cyber Trance'. Seriously.

So yeah. 50 minutes later, there was again the general nakedness of the changing rooms, and then - this, I can only put down to brainwashing - I went to the pub and had two shots of teqila. Which i washed down with two pints of water, so as to not make myself feel bad.

I will only have one day of rest this time round. Promise.

Don't forget to sponsor me.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Malta, Prelude.

Olivia already knew two things.
One. That she would soon be turning 21.
Two. That she woudn't be turning 21 in England, under any circumstances.

Olivia eventally decided two other things.
One. That she would be going to Malta for the Celebration.
Two. That she would be going with her two best friends; Lukas and Batseba.

So with these four things in mind; tickets were booked and plans were made.
But the best made plans sometimes don't really work, and due to a horrible misfortune, Batseba had to back out. However, she did lend us her likeness, which we used to create...


Part Lion, Part Batseba, and sometimes misnamed BatsebaBitch, depending on how riled up one gets. We picked her up and scrunched her up into a duffel bag with the rest of our belongings, and set off for the airport.

6 hours later...

Another hour later...

FInally, as the sun rose, so did our plane, and we set off for our 48 hours in Malta.
"Only 48 hours!" you say. "48 hours, 48 shmours," I retort. "It's Quality, not Quantity."

Still paying just as much attention as always!

This is Abigail and I in a lecture last November:

And this is us in a Lecture yesterday.

And here's Zoe's MASSIVE HEAD, joining in the fun:

Good one, guys.

Marathon Training, Day 1

I was 5 weeks behind the 'traditional' training program so thought I'd better take the plunge... so i packed my gym kit, joined the gym and sorted out a timetable later. One week later (which is today) i finally started.

One hour, 15 minutes of circuit training left me looking exhausted but feeling quite exhilarated, so i went to run on the treadmill for half an hour.

As we all know, today is the one year anniversary of The Fame Monster being released, so i listened to the whole of that in the half an hour.

As Teeth ended, i removed my ipod from the ipod holder. It was only then that i realised some pig of a person decided to leak sweat/pour all over the machine before i used it and my ipod was in a puddle of whatever that was. As a result, it wouldn't turn off, so while oi showered, all the men of the changing room were subjected to that album on repeat. I myself was treated, on return from the shower, by a very attractive naked man staring at me for a while, before winking at me and asking me to go and fetch him a towel as he forgot his. I did this with much purpose and have since managed to find him on facebook.
Should that information be shared? Let's blame the endorphins.

On the treadmill, I couldn't help but think "Really? Doing this 4 times a week for 5 months? Seriously?" So i will need some sort of persuasion/momentum to help me keep going. This actually, can come from you. In the form of a) kind words and support. and b) Money, via the following, very simple URL.


You may wonder why i have a 'seductive; picture up. Well i will tell you.
I put it up as a joke. Went to remove it the next day, and had recieved a sponsorship from a complete stranger. Thanks, Paul. So i figure that it should stick if it pulls in the bears.

Total training time: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
Current Mood: Cautiously exited.

Monday, 15 November 2010


One Island...

48 Hours...

3 Friends...

Coming Soon...

London's Burning...

My Dog is now 2!

So he only has one more year left of growing!

Happy Birthday Kasper!

This is us, having a birthday cuddle:

Also, I haven't quite worked out to do mobile uploads... so you will receive a few delated Iphone entries from so far in November. I've had a very fun month.

Happy Student Loan Day!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Rye Rye

I think we should all watch out for this girl, and her sqeaky little voice and funky chicken dance. Srsly.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

We went to the fun fair

At least one of us had a good time!