Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The problems with going blond

1. It goes ginger:

But that's fine. If Geri Halliwell and my mum can live with it, so can I.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nice People really do exist.

I got this e-mail from a woman i've never met:

"Hi Lukas

Bro, we still regard you as part of the family, mum and dad never stop talking about you wishing you could talk to them, and they were wondering where you are and what you are doing at this time. Ofcourse we all will be more than happy to meet you again at home, and the house is always yours, whenever you wish to come home, you do welcome.

I'll talk to mum and Dad tomorrow. I'll tell them that you have emailed. I know they will be happy to hear that since you still think about us.

Bro i'll leave you here, hope to hear from you again



People like Diana exist ALL OVER the world. Just not in London.

Monday, 8 February 2010

In Upendi... Where the passionfruit grow sweet.

So i saw the Lion King. Ah-Mazing.
Young Simba couldn't sing very well, but i actually wet myself when the Elephant walked through the audience, with the little baby elephant holding onto it's tail <3 And when all the gazelles went past.
And in 'Just Can't wait to be King' Where they replaced traditional animals with HUGE fabric Giraffe's that looked like they belonged in a drug trip.
And of course when the stampede came and scar threw Mufasa off the Cliff. Who would have thought all these things possible inside a small theatre?

Me being me, took pirate videos. But me being me won't put the best ones up because then you won't go and see it.
But here is Simba and Nala embracing:

And here is Timone and Pumba at the final sunrise:

And here is Rafiki and Simba...with my FAVOURITE Lion King 2 Song. Which they added in as a little suprise just for me:

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Desktop

Having a macbook is a wonderful thing. You can take screen shots of anything!
Here's one i just took:

And here's another:

Quite confusing ey?
I always take screen shots of interesting (to me) things, thinking that i will one day they will be relevant and i can use them. They never are relevant. But i still want to use them. So here is what is on my desktop right now:

First Lady

I have a bit of an obsession with first ladies. Why? I don't know. But here are my favourite two; Michelle Obama, with Carla Sarcozy, having tea or something:

And here is little old Michelle a few years ago:

And this is Michelle. It's not actually. But when you google her, this is the first image that comes up. Or it was. Till google removed it. Luckily, before they did that, i got a screen shot. I'm not being rasist y'all. My best friend's black. I just thought i'd share what's on my desktop:

Body Altercations

This man tattood his eyeballs, just to stand out in prison. Ledge.

Alternate Universe's

Here is what happened when Disney met Looney Tunes:

And this is what Sayid/Jacob would look like, had he been in a universe where the plane had not crashed and where he were made of lego:

Ok i actually have hundreds of screen shots on my desktop. The rest will have to wait. Peace.