Friday, 20 November 2009

My Disgusting Birthday

So I just found all the photos from my not so recent 19th Birthday. I'd just returned to England the day before, and was very exited to see all my family; so snack-food in hand, and pony-tail on head, we headed to a lovely meadow for a picnic.

I shan't bore you with any photos, I just thought I'd share with you my excitement that even back then, with a proper camera in hand, i was already creating marvelous two-second photos.

Have a look at my three year old cousin, coming into his own.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fun Loving Gypsies

Ok so i have a question. If you went to a Gypsie festival in Bratislava, and some fun loving gypsies started playing the accordian, would you have a good time?
The answer on everyones lips is 'Yes, i would.'

So why then, when the Gypsies come HERE, all the way to England to entertain us festival goers, do we just completely ignore them? Is it because strange men straight from the set of Aladdin are so common place on the london underground that our newspapers and shoes are a lot more interesting to look at?

At least me and my ipod were entertained:

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Two Second Photo


Well earlier in the year both my ipod touch and camera were destroyed by 'Sand beach' which is actually Bislama (a whole different language) for the word 'Sand'. So upon my return to England, i went shopping for new ones, and decided to combine the two with a new video-camera-ipod. Amazing! I can listen to music AND take videos using something smaller than a packet of chewing gum.
I can't take photos.
Thats right; it has a lense, and a shutter, but can't take photos.
But i LOVE taking photos.
So i am hereby heralding the invention of the two second photo.
It's amazing, because you know what it is, but you still press 'Play'!

Mine (Why?) and my friend Katys new gold nails on her face.

A rather telling billboard in the centre of my university campus. (reads: 'The official UK unemployment rate has now reached 2.5 Million' with a lot of happy graduates present)

Please expect proper videos, as well as a few more of these literal motion pictures.