Saturday, 17 October 2009

Two Weeks Forward

I started blogging as i started University, so that the two would be synonymous. This blog proves to me that i am actually in attendance at such a place. If i were asked to give more tangeable proof, i could not, because i don't do much any work. I don't do much of anything actually. It's taken me nine days to write the last four sentences. How many days will it take to write the rest of the entry? WHO KNOWS?!
Another vital question that has recently been thrust upon me (by the people at University) is ''If Culture exists, where can it be found?'' Obviously this question needs pages and pages of research for an adequate answer to be produced. So in order to conduct said research i trawled the internet for hours and found just what i'd been asked to find. A cheap holiday from Only then did i log on to UCLs MOODLE (what?) to find out the due date of my essay. Thats right. Somewhere along the grapevine, the word 'Es' was mistaken for 'Ams' and the word 'say' was mistaken for 'terdam'. Very easily done.

Since my last entry, i have discovered Abbey has a boyfriend. Therefore she can't be in love with me, and this has made our friendship a lot less interesting. For a start i can name her by her real name now; Abigail, because it doesn't matter who reads about last months shenanigans as it was all just a small misunderstanding. I'm not in love and She's not in love. However, why she continues to touch my face on a daily basis will continue to confuse my hormones for god knows how long.

Anyone who's anyone (Edwin) will be pleased to know i've stopped playing with sand. But now i have an orchard, tractor and Halloween themed Hay-bales!!! If you don't know what i'm talking about you're so SO lucky. But if you are unfortunate enough to envy my farming skills, make sure you never try Heroin...


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Again Beginning a new Adventure

So Back from my worldly travels barely a month and i've upped and moved a grand sum of about eight miles east to the port of Euston. Starting a course at university (something i was never too passionate about) in the Scientific Art of anthropology, i thought it apt to relocate, as remaining in my 'pre-gap-year' home, in my mind, forced me to remain as the person i was before i left Europe.

Already, moving out just seven days past, i've noticed a change in myself. I ingested an unscrupulous amount of alcohol on five of the six nights, and have been wearing all my best clothes to impress the girl from my class (Little do we both know i like boys). Little does she know i only have five sets of nice clothes, so on monday, i'm fearful i might have the day off just because i'm scared Abbey won't fall in love with me whilst wearing my two year old H&M t shirt. But why do i care? We should both be focusing on the study of man (Anthropology). She probably is actually.

And while she's caring about different culture, i'm at my parents house starting a blog because if i go home i face a building full of Nikki Grahames. No offence to the woman, she was fun to watch, but when you're in attendance at 'Londons Global University' you expect to be living with a lot of international students, who will cook you all noodles in return for you wondering what they're doing in their bedroom all this time? Instead i haven't found anyone of the sort and find myself, instead, trapped in a room of people going ''OH. I fort i did it right coz i wasn't really listening. i love this drinkin' game. Did i not do it right? Oh sorrrry. Let me try agen. HAY BARN. Oh hahah did i get it wrong again. what am i like?! Duz that mean i have to drink now? OH I LOVE YOU GUYS''

But obviously when i say i found myself 'trapped' in the room, i meant metaphorically. So i got up and went to bed.

So this is my blog. I've started it mainly for a few reasons. 1. I tried to write a book but i gave up and thought i would start a bit lower down the ladder, 2. I'm not passionate about writing essays, which i expect will be expected of me in the next 36 months, so i feel like at least writing this is writing something, even if i'm not writing what i'm supposed to be writing in exchange for £30,000 of debt, and 3. I got a student loan, and bought a macbook pro with it, mainly to spite my sister and her Toshiba. Now that i have it, i feel obliged to do something much more constructive with it that just playing the falling sand game. Enjoy that.