Friday, 18 March 2011

Who the hell are these children?

You're going to just have to watch these videos before I start judging them, in case I put you off. You don't have to watch each video to the end lest you die. Have I said too much?

I don't know why I'm making these video's even more viral than they are. Granted that 4 year old can actually rap quite well, for a child.
We're now in an age where every 13 year old can get an HD camcorder, and autotune for christmas, which means, what the Black Eyed peas were doing in 2009, Rebecca Black is doing just as good in 2011. This now means that real, decent music artists need to step up their game, and start making Kanye style music videos.

If you have autotune, and the limited amount of brain cells it requires to write a song in which "Friday" rhymes with "Saturday", then you're going to get onto the Hit 100. How upsetting. The real talent has had to resort to writing songs about Transexuals, and Polygamy. Granted, their video's are a damn sight better.

Not too sure what my point is. I don't usually make entries like this. Maybe this is my point:

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