Sunday, 13 March 2011

Marathon Training, week 17

So apparently I hurt my leg somewhere along the line last week. Tried to run last weekend and it hurt a bit. So I had this week off! Much to my annoyance. I've actually hated not exercising, and felt like a big fat unhealthy cretin. I did my yoga, and spent 3 hours on the bike machine, to keep my cardio up. Doesn't feel like a lot. Only a month to go; need to heal my leg, and step this shit up!

Raised £135 this week! Yes! That's as much as last week. Let's aim for the same again next week, although i'm running out of wonderful people like my Abigail and my Uncle Alan to sponsor me £50. Why don't YOU sponsor me that much?! How nice would that be. Do it for easter with all the money you've saved not drinking, or whatever it is you're "giving up". Yes that's right. Give ME you're money.

I also got my Running vest in the post. WOO. Although it is a size too big, i still look fierce.

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