Monday, 21 March 2011

Marathon Training, week 18

It's getting very close to the day now.

This week i received a package from Virgin, it had shoelaces, a countdown clock, and a magazine reminding me that I wasn't training enough and that I should eat a lot more carbs, and hyping the whole event up before telling me not to panic. Thanks for that virgin. I'm now officially shit scared, but also a bit exited.

I went to Muscle-Activation-Therapy this week, to help me with my injured leg. It's a kind of new-age Physiotherapy. It was really good, but subsequent sessions would cost me £85 a go, so they let me go.

Luckily my leg stopped hurting, finally, after 3 miserable weeks, and I ran 5 miles this week. That's it. 5 fucking miles, a month before the marathon!!! Well, this week, week 19, i'm going to be back on track. Fuck the yoga. Fuck the bike machine. This is real life...

Also, raised £136.20 this week. Another £130 next week?!? Yes please.

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