Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Marathon training, weeks 19 - 21

I didn't make separate entires for these three weeks because, drawing so close to the end of it all, everything's become quite monotonous, really. Although i've been doing things these three weeks that I hadn't done for the first 18.

I've been to physiotherapy twice, which is quite enjoyable. My physiotherapist is a turkish cpriot, and i'm a greek cyprio, so he get's all his racial anger out on my calves, so we both win.

I've started to delve into some research i'm doing for an essay on the marathon. Maybe too much research. But it means that i'm not just running it for running-its-sake, but for research purposes, so whether I give up and die, or breeze through to the finish line in seconds, I will have something to write about, I hope.

I raised £200 in these three weeks. I was hoping for more, but i've got wind that "the average" fundraiser is at 50% with one week to go. I'm at 61%. Win. I will keep nagging you, for the next 6 weeks, to donate on my behalf, so you should do it.

I've started tapering, so 2 weeks ago, after my longest run yet, 15 miles, i get to relax more and eat more than ever, which is fun.

Can't beleive there's less than a week left. Not really a training week at all. It seems to me as though I haven't trained for long or hard enough; I've heard a lot recently about how mammoth a marathon is supposed to be, and that half of it is in in the training. It's been quite enjoyable for me. Maybe because i'm young.

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